Prof. Adi Arida, President of Al Falah University, discussed with His Excellency/ Mr. Rashid Al Awadhi, the CEO of New Media Academy, the means of mutual cooperation between the University & the Academy within scientific and media spheres in order to detect new talents, bolster the students' creative abilities, provide students with all the necessary means of care to motivate them to unleash their powers and exploit their talents and innovations to serve the interest of the UAE society.

Besides Prof. Dr. Adi Arida, the meeting was attended by
Dr. Hassan Mustafa, the Dean of College of Mass Communication .

"Al Falah University aims at utilizing this meeting in order to establish a robust integrated partnership with various official agencies" Prof. Dr. Arida said. "New Media Academy has taken a step forward in terms of supporting talents in the region, reinforcing creativity in the domain of digital media to create a distinctive and innovative content, which contributes to strengthening the Arab media identity, and disseminating positive missions in the region based on sophisticated and modern media platforms to alter the stereotype ascribed to our Arab nations and culture" he added.

Furthermore, the President indicated the fact that various types of good teaching constitute a prerequisite for securing a prosperous future for the next generations. Thanks to the support and care of our wise leadership, he added, teaching performance in the Country has reached a high level and it is well on the way towards motivating and encouraging talented and creative persons as well as enhancing their performance so that they, along with our beloved country, can achieve more progress.

During the meeting, His Excellency, Mr. Rashid Al Awadhi, provided an overview on the Media Academy, emphasizing on the Academy's abidance by supporting the national creative youth. The Academy welcomes the cooperation with all organizations, he added, in order to put into practice all the ideas which enable the UAE & Arab youth to demonstrate their talents and facilitate investing their abilities so that a leading media identity can be created and developed to become capable of international competitiveness through science and innovation within all the critical industries, including the new media.