In celebration of the “Golden Jubilee”, 50 years since the founding of the United Arab Emirates, and in appreciation of all those who contributed to building and developing the country, the College of Mass Communication at Al Falah University launched the “Your Giving” initiative. The initiative aims to send a letter of thanks and appreciation to institutions and influential individuals in the UAE who had a positive impact and were successful in contributing to the UAE’s global recognition. 

The initiative is part of the College of Mass Communication students’ community engagement which coincides with the International Day of Tolerance. Prof. Adi Arida, President of the University, Dr. Hassan Mustafa, Dean of the College of Mass Communication, Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi, Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Ministry of Tolerance, with academic and administrative staff members and students. 

During the ceremony, the President of the University and the Dean of the College of Mass Communication presented a shield to Mr. Gergawi to show the University’s thanks and appreciation to the Ministry’s efforts. Mr. Gergawi praised AFU’s role in promoting the concept of tolerance among its students through its eagerness in participating and organizing events that help spread the positive values of tolerance. 

The College of Mass Communication Dean stated that the College’s keenness to inspire the students in applying their theoretical knowledge to practical application in a manner that also serves the community helps the students not only in their academic and professional development but also instills the value of social responsibility within them. 

The ceremony concluded with a speech from Dr. Reneh Abokhoza, who supervised the launch of the initiative: “The idea of ​​your giving initiative came after brainstorming sessions among the students, with the aim of enhancing the value of appreciation to everyone who contributed to the development and service of the Emirati community.”